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STALA 210035

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Levertijd: 3 t/m 4 werkdagen
(Indien op voorraad bij fabrikant)
Bekeken: 227 keer
Service & garantie: 2 jaar fabrieksgarantie

Info over 210035

Productnaam: 210035
Typenr: 210035
EAN: 6417791162161
Categorie: >Overige
Extra info: Afvalemmer Stala 21 L

Omschrijving - 210035

210035 STALA Overige - Stala | Afvalemmer 21 liter Afvalemmer 21 liter (eko-1k)

Meeneemhaak dient los besteld te worden.
Merk Stala
Type afvalemmer Inbouw
Inhoud 21
Minimale kastmaat (mm) 300
Ruimtebesparend Ja
Montage Bodem
Let op: extra laag model.

Fabrikant - 210035



Taivalkatu 7
1517 0 LAHTI

Website: www.stala.com/contact-information/sales
Mail: technical.support@stala.com
Tel: 35-83882110
Tel service: 35-83882110


Stala is a Finnish family-run business that has its roots in its appreciation of Finnish work, functional design, and high quality. Stala’s core skill is its ability to treat a unique material, stainless steel, in a manner that results in high-quality, durable products that bring joy to their user time after time.

Not content to realise its values only through its own products, the company also fosters the fusion of professional skills, top-quality design and user experience that keeps on giving in music. Acquired by Stala in 1983, three masterpieces by Italian violin makers, an Amati from 1625 and Gaglianos from 1770 and 1777, are still in daily use, with our hometown’s wonderful orchestra, the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, playing with one of the Gaglianos. For centuries now, the instruments have time and again brought joy to players and listeners alike - as only top-quality products can.

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Reviews - 210035

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